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Australia supports over 200 agricultural research projects in Vietnam

Over the past 30 years, the Australian government has funded more than 200 agriculture-focused research projects in Vietnam, worth more than A$126 million.

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Conference to take stock of the mid-term of the cooperation strategy between ACIAR and Vietnam, period 2017-2027. Photo: TD/CVN

The Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development recently co-chaired a meeting with Vietnamese partners to take stock of the mid-term ACIAR cooperation strategy and Vietnam, period 2017-2027.

Participants discussed Vietnam’s agricultural development priorities for the next decade and how ACIAR can help Vietnam achieve these priorities through research projects.

“Now is a good time for us and our partners to review the results we have achieved over the past five years, including nearly three difficult years caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. we have gained valuable partnership experiences on the basis of which we can better shape our future cooperation”said Peter Horne, Executive Director of ACIAR’s National Partner Program.

ACIAR has been a long-standing partner of Vietnam since 1993. It has supported Vietnam in 200 agriculture-focused research projects worth over AUD 126 million (over USD 88 million ).

Through these projects, the two countries share opportunities and challenges in agricultural development and trade in agricultural products.

Despite the repercussions of the pandemic, agriculture is still one of the few sectors in Vietnam to have recorded significant growth in 2021, with the value of exports reaching a record 67.3 billion Australian dollars (or approximately 44 billion dollars). USD).

“This record is no coincidence”underlined the Dr Horne. According to the head of ACIAR, this is the result of long-term efforts to transform a system of low-value inputs and outputs into a system of high-value products.

“We are very proud to have played a small role in this transformation and look forward to continuing to be a reliable partner of Vietnam on the way forward.”

Significant increase in projects

The strategy that ACIAR currently aims to accompany Vietnamese partners in supporting the small-scale agricultural sector, with an emphasis on connecting scientists, agricultural experts and farmers with the private sector, with the aim of of “ensure that research meets market demand”.

The Dr Horne also noted the need to focus on the needs of smallholders, as they are the most vulnerable people in the agricultural supply chain.

Associate Professor Lê Quoc Doanh, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, spoke highly of the cooperation between Vietnam and ACIAR, especially the harmonious sharing of each other’s goals and interests.

“ACIAR always puts Vietnam’s priorities at the heart of its investment decisions. Most of the projects supported by ACIAR have solved the problems facing the agricultural sector and have been well received by agricultural officials in all levels and farmers”did he declare.

Over the past decade, research collaboration between ACIAR and Vietnam has seen a significant increase in bilateral and multilateral investment projects in Vietnam.

Research has shifted from purely technical programs to more socially integrated programs focused on strengthening value chains and improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.



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