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APL, student grants: what aid can you receive at the start of the school year?

One month before the start of the academic year, Le Figaro Student provides an update on the various aids to which students are entitled.

Many aids are offered to students, whether they are scholarship holders or not. Just go on the Internet to find those that everyone can claim. The government has thus set up a simulator in 2021.

Registration fee freeze

For the fourth consecutive year, due to the health crisis, the amount of university registration fees remains unchanged. They amount to 170 euros for a license; 243 euros for a master’s; and 380 euros for a doctorate. It is then up to the State to bear the rest of the real cost of each person’s schooling. An expense which amounts on average and all cycles combined at the university, to 10,000 euros per year.

The revaluation of scholarships on social criteria

To fight against student precariousness and inflation, the government is increasing the amount of Crous scholarships by 4% based on social criteria. This increase concerns all levels.

The steps to compile your student social file (DSE) are carried out online on the website. The Crous scholarship offers other advantages: free tuition in the public, reduction or free entrance examination fees, priority allocation of a place in boarding school or a student room in a Crous residence… The scholarship holders are also exempt from the “student life contribution” of €95 which replaces the student social security contribution.

• To find accommodation

From July 12, all students (grant holders or not) can consult the offers of available accommodation. This takes place on the Rents for university residences in the Crous are frozen for this start of the school year.

On the housing side, the government announced a 3.5% increase in APL. This also concerns students.

• An inflation allowance of 100 euros

This boost is intended for recipients of certain social benefits such as APL. It may also be granted to young people aged 18 to 25 and to students receiving this aid.

• Additional aid

Students with scholarships based on social criteria who have obtained the mention “very good” in the baccalaureate can benefit from a merit aid amounting to 900 euros per year. For the young people concerned, there is no procedure to follow since the Crous obtains this information from the rectorate and takes care of completing the file.

A student enrolled in a Prépa Talents class, which prepares for certain public service competitions, is eligible for the Talent scholarship of 4000 euros. He has no specific procedure to follow, he simply has to make the request to the pedagogical referent of his establishment.

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With a monthly amount of 400 euros, theinternational mobility assistance is granted to scholarship holders who follow a course abroad as part of an exchange program or who wish to carry out an international internship. This financial assistance is granted over a period of 2 to 9 months.

L’emergency aid is aimed at students with financial difficulties. The amount corresponds to one of the levels of the grant based on social criteria, i.e. between €1,084 and €5,965 per year. This grant cannot be combined with a grant based on social criteria, although the same conditions must be met as for the latter.

Finally, scholarship students with a bachelor’s degree who wish to enroll in a master’s 1 in another region are entitled tomobility aid for registration in M1 which amounts to 1000 euros. It is up to the student to make his request on

Please note, depending on the status of the student, all these aids cannot be combined with each other.

• Meals at 1 euro

Set up in 2021, meals at 1 euro in university restaurants will be maintained in 2022-2023 for scholarship students and non-scholarship holders in a precarious situation. Against 3.30 euros for the normal price.

• The Pass’Sport is extended to scholarship students from September

At the start of the school year, the Pass’Sport system will be extended to scholarship students. In the amount of 50 euros, this aid is intended to promote enrollment in sports clubs. Nearly 750,000 scholarship students will be able to benefit from the scheme. Until then, it was reserved for young people aged 6 to 17 entitled to the back-to-school allowance or the education allowance for disabled children and to recipients of the disabled adult allowance.

Beneficiaries of the Pass’Sport will be able to use this aid in associations and structures affiliated with sports federations approved by the Ministry of Sports.

• The personalized support plan for students with disabilities

Each year, 7.5 million euros are allocated to finance aid dedicated to students with disabilities. You can go to and identify the disability referents for each establishment listed, but also find out about possible accessibility measures such as note-taking aids, changes to the employment of time and exams, etc. Note that the Crous can offer suitable accommodation but also help with daily tasks.

Many other aids are offered to students, for transport or driving license. They are state, regional, departmental or even local. “Around 1.5 million students will be able to benefit from one or more measures at the start of the 2022 school year”said Minister of Higher Education Sylvie Retailleau last July.

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