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Adult-relay contract: definition, financing, salary…

The adult-relay contract aims to offer employment to adults experiencing difficulties and living in sensitive urban areas. These jobs consist of cultural and social mediation actions.

What is an adult-relay contract?

This contract is aimed at people over the age of 26 who are unemployed or who are beneficiaries of a CUI-CAE and who are experiencing integration difficulties. These job seekers must also reside in a priority district. Beneficiaries of an employment support contract must terminate it in order to be able to sign a adult-relay contract. This contract is governed by articles L134 of the Labor Code.

The mission of the people who sign these contracts is to improve social relations between the inhabitants of these areas and the public services of certain cities, as well as in the public and collective spaces of these municipalities. This translates into the following actions:

  • Welcoming, listening and helping to express social ties; informing and supporting residents in their procedures, facilitating social dialogue, creating links between parents and the organizations that welcome their children
  • Improving and preserving the living environment
  • Facilitation of social dialogue between generations, support and strengthening of the parental role
  • The contribution to the strengthening of associative life and the ability to initiate projects.

On the other hand, the relay-adults may in no case have to perform actions to maintain public order or service to the person. Employers managing a public service do not have the right to take on adult relay contracts for tasks that fall within their usual activities (guarding, technical maintenance, social assistance, etc.).

What is the salary of an adult-relay contract?

Employers of people on adult bridging contracts are required to comply with labor legislation in terms of remuneration. The relay adults are therefore paid at least the minimum wage. The salary is fixed freely in compliance with the legislation.

Who finances the adult-relay contracts?

The employer receives annual aid from the state corresponding to 80% of the Smic and proportional to the working time provided for in the contract. In 2022, this corresponds to 19,349 euros per year for a full-time job. The difference between this aid and the total remuneration is financed by the employer himself.

Who are the employers?

the adult-relay contract can be offered by:

  • Local authorities, public establishments for inter-municipal cooperation and their public establishments
  • Public educational institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Public offices and social housing organizations
  • Associations
  • Legal persons under private law responsible for the management of a public service.

Characteristics of the contract and procedures to follow

Local authorities and their public establishments, public schools, hospitals can only offer CDD three years renewable once. All other potential employers can offer permanent contracts. The contracts offered can be full-time or part-time, provided that it is at least half-time.

Before hiring a person adult-relay contract, the structure must file an application with the prefecture. The file must indicate the area concerned, the planned budget, the characteristics of the position…

In case of breakage

If the contract is a CDI, the common dismissal and resignation rules apply. This is the case with conventional termination or even the letter of resignation.

If it is a CDD, the contract can be terminated at any time in the event of serious misconduct or force majeure or if the employee justifies the signing of a CDI.

The CDD can also be terminated at the initiative of either party, every year on the anniversary date. If it is the employee who decides to put an end to it, he must give two weeks’ notice. The employer must respect the notice in the event of dismissal, and can only do so if he justifies a real and serious cause.

In all cases, the employer who terminates the contract must summon the employee for a preliminary interview and send him a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within two days of the interview. The relay adult then receives an allowance of 10% on the wages received within the limit of the last 18 months.

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