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17 professions that recruit in the energy sector

Talent shortages across the industry

First observation of the Komète by Kyu* barometer “Energy professions: full employment or shortage? »: some industrial professions, not specific to the energy sector, have already been in short supply for several years. A phenomenon that intensifies the tensions observed in the sector of production and distribution of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning. This is particularly the case of electrical and electronics designers, mechanical technicians, construction engineers, surveyors or site managers, in particular.

Faced with the digitization of the sector linked to the development of smart grids (intelligent networks), the optimization of energy production and distribution, other “digital” oriented profiles, such as engineers and executives of studies and R&D in computer science, are missing. “We are seeing growing needs in the professions of engineers and study executives, research and development in computer science, for example”, notes Antoine Voyer, senior employment policy and strategy consultant at Kyu, a consulting and study firm. independent.

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17 professions that recruit in the production and distribution of energy

To meet the challenges of energy transition and the transformation of energy production and distribution methods, companies in the energy sector recruit a variety of profiles.

Among the profiles more specific to the energy production and distribution sector, technicians and engineers are highly sought after by the 30,000 companies in the sector. The R&D engineers and the power generation engineers are even difficult to recruit. Technicians working on the activities of maintenance infrastructure and distribution networks, on distribution and production management activities (process industry technicians) are also eagerly awaited to meet the needs and new energy challenges.

In total, the barometer highlights 17 professions that are experiencing recruitment difficulties. Among them, the HVAC maintenance technician (climate and climatic engineering) appears to be the most critical profession in the sector. This position represents almost 25% of published job offers and has seen its number of offers increase by almost 60% between 2020 and 2021. Other professions, such as refrigeration mechanic, sales engineer or plumber actively recruit new talent, but face strong tensions.

Currently in demand, the professions of after-sales service technician, computer technician, operations manager, or even industrial mechanic could experience, on the other hand, more cyclical tensions linked to a sharp increase in needs, but rather in the short term.

Here are all the most critical trades in the production and distribution of energy

1- HVAC maintenance technician
2- Maintenance technician

3- Refrigeration mechanic
4- Sales engineer
5- Central heating maintenance technician
6- Heating plumber
7- Water and gas installer
8- Technical sales
9- Logistics Manager
10- Project Manager
11- Climate engineering project manager

12- Commercial field
13- Service technician
14- Operations Manager
15- Computer Technician
16- Industrial mechanic
17- Convenience repairer

Source: Textkernel, Komète barometer processing by Kyu 2022

Recruitment in regions producing renewable energies

This increase in needs is accompanied by an increase in the share of permanent contracts offered in the sector: 76% of job offers published in 2021 concern a permanent contract, and 94% full-time.

In general, companies are looking for Bac+2 to Bac+5 technical profiles and skills in maintenance Routine, preventive maintenance, electrical and electronic maintenance have also seen strong growth in demand in recent years.

On the regional side, needs are particularly on the rise in the regions of the Pays de la Loireof the’Ile-de-Francefrom Centre-Loire Valley and of New Aquitaine. Projects are deployed in these regions and the facilities will require long-term maintenance,” adds Antoine Voyer, senior employment policy and strategy consultant at Kyu.

Conversely, the territories of Brittany, Occitanie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté recorded a decrease in job offers published in the sector. A decrease in recruitment needs which could lead to a reduction in recruitment pressures in these employment areas in the coming months and years.

*Methodology: Komète by Kyu barometer produced using data made available by Dares and an analysis of data from job offers.


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